Valves for Water and Chemical Base Fluids

  • Valve for Water and Chemical Base Fluids (2/3-Port Air Operated Valve) VCC

    ・Applicable for 2 liquid paints (VCC12D)
     PTFE diaphragm structure = Elimination of sliding parts
     Less paint adhesion
    ・Mountable on a robot arm (Space saving, Lightweight)
     2 valves per station (30 mm pitch)
     2/3-port valves mixed mounting
     Resin manifold block
  • SUS316L Stainless Steel Fitting VCK

    ・Since sealing tape is not required, there is no need to worry about insulation.
     (Applicable for painting with high voltage)
    ・Easy insertion/removal of piping in narrow spaces
  • 2-Layer Soft Fluoropolymer Tubing TQ

    ・Carries fluid such as solvent with a soft and abrasion resistant tube.
    ・2-layer structure
     Outer layer: Special nylon resin
     Inner layer: Special fluoropolymer
    ・Internal smoothness: Equivalent to Ra 0.02 μm