Valve Mounted Air Cylinders

  • valve-mounted-compact-cylinder-cvq

    Valve Mounted Compact Cylinder CVQ

    ・Integrated valve and compact cylinder
    ・Saves manpower, space, and energy
  • valve-mounted-compact-cylinder-guide-rod-type-cvqm

    Valve Mounted Compact Cylinder/Guide Rod Type CVQM

    ・A guide rod and solenoid valve have been integrated in the CQ2
     series compact cylinder.
    ・Non-rotating accuracy: ±0.2° or less
    ・Lateral load resistance 2 to 4 times that of the CDQ2 series compact
    ・Loads can be directly mounted.
    ・Mounting pitch is interchangeable with the CQ2 series.
    ・Saves manpower, space, and energy
  • valve-mounted-air-cylinder-CV□/CDV□

    Valve Mounted Air Cylinder CV□/CDV□

    ・Valve is mounted on a round cylinder.
    ・Built-in speed controller for some models
    ・A cylinder with a valve makes it easy to adjust the speed.
    ・With auto switch (CDVJ series: CDVJ5, CDVJ3,
     CDVM series: CDVM5, CDVM5K, CDVM3, CDVM3K,
     CDV3 series: CDV3, CDV3K,
     CDVS1 series: CDVS1, CDVS1K)
  • valve-mounted-guide-cylinder-mvgq

    Valve Mounted Guide Cylinder MVGQ

    ・A valve, speed controller, and cylinder are combined in one unit.