Vacuum Ejectors (Vacuum Generators)/Vacuum Pump Systems

  • vacuum-unit-zk2□a

    Vacuum Unit (Vacuum Generators) ZK2□A

    ・Compatible with ejector systems and vacuum pump systems
    ・Energy saving ejector
     Air supply is cut-off when vacuum is reached.
     Air consumption: 93% reduction (Under SMC’s measurement conditions)
    ・More efficient ejector: Suction flow increased by 50% (Compared to other
    SMC 1-stage ejectors)
    ・Energy saving efficiency: 93% reduction
    ・Improved low noise and suction flow by adoption of a high-noise reduction silencer
    ・Supply valve: N.O. specification: ZK2mA-X188: Single Unit, ZK2mA-X211: For Manifold
  • vacuum-manifold-for-fieldbus-system-zkj

    Vacuum Manifold for Fieldbus System ZKJ

     Requires no input/output unit. Space saving
     Reduced wiring time
     Compatible protocol: PROFINET, IO-Link
    ・Energy saving ejector: Air consumption reduced by 90%
    ・Supply valve: N.O. specification
     Can hold vacuum even when the power goes out or is turned off
      (Supposing the supply pressure is being maintained)
     Prevents the sudden dropping of workpieces
      (Supposing the supply pressure is being maintained)
    ・IP65: Dust-tight/Water-jet-proof
  • compact-vacuum-unit-zq□a

    Compact Vacuum Unit ZQ□A

    ・Vacuum pressure switch with energy saving function
     Air consumption: 90% reduction (Based on SMC’s measurement conditions)
     Power consumption: 60% reduction [1 W (Existing model) → 0.4 W]
     Vacuum release pressure: From 0 MPa [From 0.3 MPa (Existing model) → From 0 MPa]
     Copy function: Reduced setting labor, Minimized risk of setting mistakes
    ・Compatible with ejector systems and vacuum pump systems
  • space-saving-vacuum-ejector-pump-system-zq

    Space Saving Vacuum Ejector (Vacuum Generators)/Pump System ZQ

    ・Compatible with ejector systems and vacuum pump systems
    ・Width: 10 mm, Weight: 109 g (Single unit, with vacuum pressure switch and
     suction filter)
    ・Digital vacuum pressure switch
    ・With LED display function
    ・Adaptable to manifold applications

    ∗ The ZQ series will be discontinued in April 2023.
     Please select the ZQ□A series.
  • large-size-vacuum-module-zr

    Large Size Vacuum Module (Vacuum Generators) ZR

    ・Compatible with ejector systems and vacuum pump systems
    ・Necessary functions can be combined through a modular design.
    ・Double solenoids provide a self-holding function.
    ・Adaptable to manifold applications
    ・Functions such as a digital vacuum switch or a solenoid valve can be selected.
  • compact-vacuum-unit-zb

    Compact Vacuum Unit (Vacuum Generators) ZB

    ・Compatible with ejector systems and vacuum pump systems
    ・Quick response: Response time of the valve 5 ms, vacuum response time 28 ms
    ・Energy saving: Air consumption reduced by 17%, Vacuum pressure reached
     increased by 21%
    ・Compact/Lightweight: 46 g
    ・With vacuum pressure switch
     Can copy to up to 10 switches simultaneously
  • compact-vacuum-ejector-za

    Compact Vacuum Ejector (Vacuum Generators) ZA

    ・Total width: 9.9 mm, Total length: 72.9 mm, Total height: 52.5 mm,
     Weight: 50 g
    ・Can be installed on moving parts
    ・Improved response through the shortening of the length of the tube
     to the pad
    ・Adaptable to manifold applications
  • vacuum-module-zx

    Vacuum Module (Vacuum Generators) ZX

    ・Compatible with ejector systems and vacuum pump systems
    ・Necessary functions can be combined through a modular design.
    ・Ideal for electronic parts or small precision parts weighing up to 100 g
    ・Adaptable to manifold applications

    ∗ The ZX (Digital pressure switch ZSE3 product) was discontinued
     in June 2019.
     Please select the ZQ series, ZK series.
  • vacuum-ejector-zm

    Vacuum Ejector (Vacuum Generators) ZM

    ・Valves and switches are unitized.
    ・Adaptable to manifold applications
    ・Maximum absorption flow rate has been increased by 40%.
    ・Max. vacuum pressure: −84 kPa
  • multistage-ejector-zl1-zl3-zl6

    Multistage Ejector (Vacuum Generators) ZL1/ZL3/ZL6

    ・Max. suction flow rate: 3 types available: 100, 300, and 600 L/min (ANR)
    ・Air consumption: 90% reduction (For the ZL3, ZL6)
    ・Weight: Max. 60% reduction [ZL112 (Existing model): 450 g R ZL1: 180 g]
    ・3-stage diffuser construction (For the ZL1:SMC comparison)
     Suction flow rate increased by 250%
    ・3 types of vacuum pressure sensors
    ・No tools are required! Maintenance labor can be reduced.

    *1 ZL3H, ZL6H (Standard supply pressure: 0.5 MPa)
    *2 Branch + Port exhaust