Vacuum Ejectors

  • vacuum-ejector-zh

    Vacuum Ejector ZH

    ・Compact and lightweight
     Overall length: Max. 11% reduction (6.7 mm shorter) [Body ported type]
     Port height: Max. 25% reduction (9.1 mm shorter) [Body ported type]
     Weight: Max. 74% reduction (65.1 g lighter) [Body ported type]
     Volume: Max. 39% reduction (14.1 cm3 reduction) [Box type]
    ・4 mounting types:
     Direct mounting, Standard bracket mounting, L-bracket mounting,
     DIN rail mounting
    ・A silencer and standard bracket are available. (Body ported type only)
  • all-stainles-steel-vacuum-ejector-zh□□-x267

    All Stainless Steel Vacuum Ejector ZH□□-X267

    ・All stainless steel (SCS13: Equivalent to stainless steel 304)
    ・Sealant not required
    ・Max. operating temperature: 260℃
  • in-line-vacuum-ejector-zu□a

    In-line Type Vacuum Ejector ZU□A

    ・Compact and Lightweight
     O.D.: ø10.4, Weight: 3.9 g, Overall length: 52 mm
    ・Port size
     ø4, ø6 One-touch fitting, Rc1/8 female thread, ø5/32"
    ・Vacuum pressure reached [kPa]
     Type S: -90, -87, -85
     Type L: -48, -40
  • vacuum-pad-with-ejector-zhp

    Vacuum Pad with Ejector ZHP

    ・Ejector and pad are integrated. Space saving with reduced piping labor!
    ・2-stage ejector
     Suction flow rate increased by 50%, Air consumption reduced by 30%
    ・Easier maintenance
     Mounting with the lock plate reduces the steps required for pad replacement!
    ・Pad diameter: ø63, ø80