Special Pads

  • bernoulli-gripper-znc

    Bernoulli Gripper ZNC

    ・For the adsorption transfer of thin cloths, films, printed circuit boards,
    ・Energy saving: Max. 79% reduction (Comparison of air consumption
     to lifting force)
    ・High lifting force: 65 N
     10.3 times that of the existing model (Existing model: 6.3 N → ZNC80:
     65 N)
    ・3 types of body materials: Aluminum, Resin, Stainless steel
     With stopper: Prevents workpiece slippage
     With vibration suppression cover: Suppresses the vibration noise of thin
  • non-contact-gripper-xt661

    Non-contact Gripper XT661

    ・Assists in non-contact workpiece transfer
    ・Max. workpiece suction distance: 10 mm
    ・2 types are available:
     Cyclone type: High lift: Max. 44 N
     Bernoulli type: Amplitude of the workpiece during gripping: ±0.01 mm or less
  • magnet-gripper-mhm

    Magnet Gripper MHM

    ・Attracts and holds heavy objects with a magnet
    ・Holding force: Max. 1000 N (ø50, Workpiece thickness 6 mm)
    ・Transfers steel plates without a vacuum
     Support workpieces with holes and uneven surfaces
    ・Holding force (Attraction force) can be adjusted.
    ・Drop prevention: Holds workpieces even when air is shut off
  • magnet-gripper-mhm-x6400

    Magnet Gripper MHM-X6400

    ・Steel plates can be transferred without a vacuum.
     Can support workpieces with holes and uneven surfaces when a vacuum
     pad cannot be used
    ・Holds workpieces even when the air is shut off
    ・High holding force: 80 N (Workpiece plate thickness: 0.6 mm), 120 N
     (Workpiece plate thickness: 1.4 mm)
    ・Residual holding force: 0.3 N or less (Reduces workpiece release time)