Speed Controllers with Special Functions

  • Speed Controller with Residual Pressure Release Valve AS

    ・Integrated speed controller and residual pressure release valve
    ・Residual pressure can be easily released with the push of a button.
    ・Eye-catching red release button
    ・Available with a restrictor (Made to order: -X214, -X21)
  • Speed Controller with Pilot Check Valve ASP

    ・Integrated pilot check valve and speed controller
    ・Realizes momentary intermediate stoppage of a cylinder and is able to adjust its speed
  • Speed Exhaust Controller with One-touch Fitting Compact Type JASV

    ・Quick exhaust valve and metering valve are integrated.
    ・Compact type
     Height: 12.7 mm shorter (49% reduction)
    ・Effective in preventing condensation
    ・Applicable for high-speed cylinder actuation
    ・Push-lock type
  • Deceleration Controller DAS

    ・2-speed control reduces cycle time
     Allows for the impact relaxation of the stroke end
     Allows for the 2-speed control of cylinders
     The deceleration position (cushion timing) and 2nd speed (cushion
     intensity) can be adjusted.
    ・Possible to control flow rate values using an adjustment handle with
    ・Space saving
     Maximum 76% reduction of occupying space (196 cm3 ← 811 cm3)
  • Deceleration Controller DAS-X946

    ・2-speed control reduces cycle time
    ・Allows for the impact relaxation of the stroke end
     Provides impact relaxation in cases where it is difficult to install a shock absorber, etc.
    ・Can be easily introduced to existing equipment due to installation between the valve and cylinder
    ・No fluctuation effect on the supply pressure
    ・Application example: For the relaxation of impact when opening/closing the door