Rotary Tables

  • electric-rotary-table-ler

    Electric Rotary Table LER

    ・Rotation angle: 360º , 320º (310º), 180º , 90º
     ( ) The value indicated in brackets shows the value for
     the LER10.
    ・Low profile: Height 42 mm (LER10)
    ・Space saving: Built-in step motor
    ・Shock-less/high speed actuation
     Max. speed: 420°/sec (7.33 rad/sec)
     Max. acceleration/deceleration: 3000º/sec2 (52.36 rad/sec2)
    ・It is possible to set the speed, acceleration/deceleration,
     and position.
     Max. 64 points
    ・Energy saving: Automatic 40% power reduction after the table
     has stopped
    ・Easy setting: Data can be set with only 2 items, position
     and speed.
     The controller is already set with the data of the actuator.
     (The actuator and controller are provided as a set.)

    *Value when an external stopper is mounted