Rotary Actuators Rack & Pinion Type

  • mini-rotary-actuator-crj

    Mini Rotary Actuator CRJ

    ・Compact, lightweight
    ・Flexible mounting: Top, bottom, or side mounting is possible.
    ・Front or side ported is selectable.
  • rotary-actuator-cra1-cdra1

    Rotary Actuator CRA1/CDRA1

    ・Compact auto switches (D-M9□ type) are mountable on 2 surfaces.
     Auto switch can be mounted from the front.
    ・Weight reduced by up to 14%
    ・With air cushion, Easy adjustment of cushion valve
    ・With auto switch (CRA1 series: CDRA1, CDRA1□□U, CDVRA1)
  • compact-rotary-actuator-crq2-cdrq2

    Compact Rotary Actuator CRQ2/CDRQ2

    ・With cushion
    ・Equipped with an angle adjustment mechanism
    ・Single or double axis is selectable.
    ・With auto switch (CDRQ2 series: CDRQ2)
  • rotary-table-msq

    Rotary Table MSQ

    ・Compact and lightweight
     Height: Max. 28% reduction∗ (54 mm → 39 mm)
     Weight: Max. 28% reduction∗ (940 g → 680 g)
    ・Enlarged center hole diameter for piping (ø9 mm → ø12 mm)
     * Compared with the existing model (MSQ20)
    ・The adjustable rotation time range is expanded. (0.2 to 2.0 s/90º)
     Can be used at lower speeds compared with the existing model
  • 3-position-rotary-table-msz

    3-Position Rotary Table MSZ

    ・3-point-stopping is possible.
    ・Suitable for applications such as distributing workpieces to
     the left, right, and center
    ・Can be operated with one valve
  • low-speed-rotary-actuator-crq2x-cdrq2x-msqx

    Low Speed Rotary Actuator CRQ2X/CDRQ2X/MSQX

    ・It is possible to transfer workpieces at lower speeds. (5 s/90º)>br> ・With auto switch (CDRQ2X series: CDRQ2X)
  • rotary-cylinder-mrq

    Rotary Cylinder MRQ

    ・Rectilinear rotation unit that integrates a slim cylinder
     and a rotary actuator
    ・It is possible to select types with an air cushion on
     the linear motion parts.
    ・Angle adjustable