Related Equipment for Vacuum Systems

  • adsorption-plate-sp

    Adsorption Plate SP

    ・Ideal for the adsorption and fixing in place of thin sheets, glass panels, and soft workpieces
     Workpieces will not be deformed since they are adsorbed with multiple micro air vents on
     the adsorption surface.
    ・A high level of machining accuracy
    ・Strong adsorption force
  • free-mount-cylinder-for-vacuum-zcuk

    Free Mount Cylinder for Vacuum ZCUK

    ・In the rectangular compact cylinder CU series, which has a high level of mounting
     precision, a vacuum passage is provided in the rod to facilitate the mounting of a
     vacuum pad and to save space. ・Standard vacuum pads (ø2 to ø50) can be mounted.
  • vacuum-filter-afj

    Vacuum Filter AFJ

    ・Prevents problems with vacuum equipment!
    ・Nominal filtration rating: 5, 40, 80 μm
    ・Large flow capacity: Max. 660 L/min (ANR)
    ・Elements can be reused by washing them.
    ・Water droplets can be removed.
    ・The bowl is covered with a transparent bowl guard.
  • drain-separator-for-vacuum-amj

    Drain Separator for Vacuum AMJ

    ・Remove water droplets from the air by simply installing it in
     vacuum equipment connection lines.
    ・Effective for removing water droplets from the air sucked into vacuum pumps, ejectors, etc.
  • exhaust-cleaner-for-vacuum-pump-amv

    Exhaust Cleaner for Vacuum Pump AMV

    ・Captures 99.5% of the greasy fumes exhausted from the vacuum pump
    ・Creates a comfortable working environment without oil mist
    ・Captures and separates 99.5% of even low-flow and highly concentrated greasy fumes
    ・Exhaust ducts from the vacuum pump are not required.
  • related-equipment-vacuum-systems

    Related Equipment for Vacuum Systems

    ・Directional Control Valves
    ・Vacuum Pressure Switches
    ・Vacuum Pressure Gauges
    ・Flow Control Equipment
    ・Made to Order