Related Equipment

  • Holder for Speed Controller TMH

    ・A holder for securing a speed controller (In-line type) with One-touch fittings
    ・Universal mounting
  • Residual Pressure Release Valve with One-touch Fittings KE□

    ・Residual pressure in the cylinder can be easily released with the push of a button.
  • Throttle valve AS-X214/AS-X21

    ・Restrictor (Without check valve): -X214
    ・Grease-free (Seal: Fluorine-coated) + Restrictor (Without check valve): -X21
    ・Speed controller without check valve specifications
     External dimensions, specifications, etc., are the same as those of each respective speed controller.
    ∗ For details, refer to Variations.
  • Metering Valve with Silencer ASN2

    ・Superior sound reducing performance (Over 20 dB at max. flow rate)
    ・Can be directly mounted on the exhaust port of a solenoid valve
  • Exhaust Flow Control Valve with Indicator AS-DPX00042

    ・Contributes to reduced setting errors and work hours by managing flow rate figures (indicator)
    ・Integrated restrictor and silencer
     Reduced assembly time and number of components
    ・The speed can be adjusted on the valve side
  • Quick Exhaust Valve AQ

    ・A wide selection of models are available.
  • [Model with Residual Pressure Release Function] Pilot Check Valve/Compact Type AKP

    ・Model with residual pressure release function
     It is possible to construct a safety circuit!
    ・Model without residual pressure release function
     Temporary intermediate stops are possible.*
     * Precise intermediate stops are not guaranteed.
    ・Vertical and horizontal types are available, which can be selected
     depending on the installation conditions.
    ・Improved piping design flexibility (360°-rotation type)
  • Pilot Check Valve: Metal Body Type AS-X785

    ・The use of a metal body improves strength and environmental resistance.
    ・Temporary intermediate stops are possible.
    ・Three types capable of connecting to female threads and
     One-touch fittings are available.
  • Check Valve AK

  • High Pressure Coolant Check Valve AK-DPY00025/26

    ・Max. operating pressure: 15 MPa
    ・Compact and lightweight: Weight 130 g (Rc3/8), 210 g (Rc1/2)
    ・Structure that prevents foreign matter from piling up around the main valve
    ・Laser-welded connection prevents looseness
  • 5.0 MPa Check Valve VCHC40

    ・Improved durability in high-pressure environments through the use of a polyurethane elastomer poppet
  • Extension Prevention System SSC Valve

    ・Prevents accidents caused by sudden cylinder rod extensions