• Miniature Regulator ARJ1020F

    ・Compact and lightweight (16 g)
    ・Low cracking pressure: 0.02 MPa
    ・Standard model comes equipped with backflow function.
    ・Manifold base (Option)
  • miniature-regulator-arj210

    Miniature Regulator ARJ210

    ・Lightweight with an aluminum body (60g)
  • miniature-regulator-arj310

    Miniature Regulator ARJ310

    ・Compact and lightweight (Body 65 g)
    ・Short-pitch mounting is possible: Mounting pitch 18.5 mm
    ・Series with One-touch fittings
  • compact-manifold-regulator-armss

    Compact Manifold Regulator ARM5S

    ・Lightweight: 33 g (For the ARM5SA-08-A)
    ・Mounting method: Direct mounting/DIN rail mounting
  • compact-manifold-regulator-arm10

    Compact Manifold Regulator ARM10

    ・Lightweight: 60 g (For the ARM10)
    ・Without pressure display, With pressure gauge, With digital pressure switch
    ・Oil-free (Semi-standard)
  • pilot-operated-regulator-ar

    Pilot Operated Regulator AR

    ・Internal pilot-operated relieving type
  • compact-regulator-arx

    Compact Regulator ARX

    ・Compatible with inlet supply pressures of 2.0 MPa
    ・Ideal for discharge pressure adjustment on small compressors
    ・Piston type
    ・Ideal for the pressure adjustment of air blowing applications
  • mr-unit-regulator-mist-separator-amr

    MR Unit (Regulator with Mist Separator) AMR

    ・Integrated mist separator and regulator
    ・Filtration: 0.3 μm.
  • compact-manifold-regulator-arm5

    Compact Manifold Regulator ARM5

    ・Width: 14 mm
    ・Select from 2 kinds of mounting methods:
     Direct mounting and DIN rail mounting
    ・Standard model comes equipped with backflow function.
    ・Select from a variety of One-touch fitting sizes.
  • compact-manifold-regulator-arm10-11

    Compact Manifold Regulator ARM10/11

    ・Free selection in response to positioning conditions
     Knob positions: Top/Front/Bottom
     Piping directions: Up/Down
     One-touch fitting types: Straight/Elbow
    ・Types and sizes of One-touch fittings can be changed.
    ・Standard model comes equipped with backflow function.
    ・Compatible with digital pressure switches
  • manifold-regulator-arm1000-2000

    Manifold Regulator ARM1000/2000

    ・With a ø15 compact pressure gauge (Option)
    ・Standard model comes equipped with backflow function.
  • manifold-regulator-arm2500-3000

    Manifold Regulator ARM2500/3000

    ・A modular type that can be freely mounted on a manifold station
    ・Optimal for central pressure control
    ・Uses a One-touch lock handle
  • direct-operated-precision-regulator-arp

    Direct Operated Precision Regulator ARP

    ・Setting sensitivity: Within 0.2% F.S.
    ・Energy saving: Reduces air consumption by 80% (SMC comparison)
    ・Repeatability: Within ±1% F.S. (or within ±3 kPa)
    ・With backflow function (ARP20K/30K/40K)
     Can be mounted between a solenoid valve and a cylinder
  • regulator-iri1200a-2200a-3200a

    Regulator IR1200-A/2200-A/3200-A

    ・Air consumption: Bleed air “0”
    ・High flow rate: Up to approx.
     twice that of the existing SMC product
    ・Lightweight: Reduced by up to approx. 27%  (Compared to the existing SMC product)
    ・Repeatability: ±1% (Full span)
  • precision-regulator-iri1000a-2000a-3000a

    Precision Regulator IR1000-A/2000-A/3000-A

    ・Air consumption: Reduced by up to approx. 90%
     (Compared to the existing SMC product)
    ・High flow rate: Up to approx.
     twice that of the existing SMC product
    ・Lightweight: Reduced by up to approx. 27%
     (Compared to the existing SMC product)
    ・Sensitivity: 0.2% (Full span)
    ・Repeatability: ±0.5% (Full span)
  • precision-regulator-ir

    Precision Regulator IR

    ・Tension control
    ・Contact pressure control
    ・Setting sensitivity: Within 0.2% F.S.
    ・Repeatability: Within ±0.5% F.S.
  • vacuum-regulator-irv

    Vacuum Regulator IRV

    ・Allows for the adjustment of vacuum line pressure
    ・Single-sided connection series
    ・Weight reduced by 20% (Compared with the previous IRV2000 with IRV20 fitting)
    ・Built-in One-touch fittings
    ・The pressure gauge and digital pressure switch can be easily attached/detached due
    to being attached by a clip.
    ・Mounting direction of the pressure gauge and digital pressure switch can be
    changed. (Standard connections only)
    ・Mounting angle of the pressure gauge and digital pressure switch can be
    changed easily (in 60 degree increments).
  • power-valve-precision-regulator-vex

    Power Valve/Precision Regulator VEX

    ・Large-capacity exhaust regulator
    ・Sensitivity: Within 0.2% F.S.
    ・Repeatability: Within ±0.5% F.S.
  • clean-regulator-srh

    Clean Regulator SRH

    ・Contamination-controlled stainless steel regulator
    ・2 types of diaphragm materials: PTFE, Fluororubber
  • precision-clean-regulator-srp

    Precision Clean Regulator SRP

    ・High-precision low flow consumption stainless steel regulator
    ・Bleed air flow of 0.5 L/min (ANR) or less (0.2 MPa at outlet pressure)
    ・Setting sensitivity: 0.3% F.S.
    ・Repeatability: 1% F.S.
  • clean-regulator-fluororesin-srf

    Clean Regulator/Fluororesin Type SRF

    ・Wetted parts Body: New PFA, Diaphragm: PTFE
    ・Recommended maximum flow rate: 20 L/min (SRF50),
     (Inlet pressure: 0.3 MPa, Fluid: Water)
  • direct-operated-regulator-vchr

    Direct Operated Regulator for 6.0 MPa (Relieving Type) VCHR

    ・Service life: 10 million cycles
     Improved durability in high-pressure environments through the use of a polyurethane
    elastomer poppet
    ・Uses NSF-H1 approved grease on guide rings (Sliding parts)
    ・Improved durability through the use of a metal seal type relief valve
    ・Uses a special fluororesin seal for sliding parts
     Stable unattached response, Not easily affected by pressure
  • regulator-for-general-applications-ak1000t

    Regulator for General Applications AK1000T

    ・For a wide variety of applications from semiconductor to general
    ・Compact and lightweight
     Weight: 0.52 kg, Height: 97.5 mm
    ・Minimum dead leg construction
    ・Various piping configurations are available:
     Select from compression, NPT female, or Rc thread.
  • water-regulator-wr110

    Water Regulator WR110

    ・Pressure adjustment for water lines
  • water-strainer-wf300

    Water Strainer WF300

    ・Removes foreign matter from water lines
  • pressure-contorl-valve-ap100

    Pressure Control Valve (Relief Valve) AP100

    ・Releases pressure over the set range into the atmosphere and constantly maintains the pressure in a pipe
  • Interface Regulator

    ・Interface regulators can be placed on top of the manifold block to reduce the pressure of each of the valves.