Proportional Valves

  • Compact Proportional Solenoid Valve PVQ

    ・Stepless control of flow rate in proportion to current
    ・Repeatability: 3% or less
    ・Hysteresis: 10% or less
  • E-P HYREG® VY1

    ・Stepless control of pressure by use of electrical signals
    ・Thrust control of cylinders
    ・Flow control of nozzles
    ・Pressure control of tanks
  • Electro-Pneumatic Proportional Valve VEF/VEP

    ・Stepless control of air flow or pressure by use of electrical signals
    ・Press-die cushions
     Pressure control of welding machines and low-pressure casting
     Multi-stage speed control of air cylinders and rotation control of air motors
  • 5-Port Electro-Pneumatic Proportional Valve VER

    ・Stepless control of cylinders and applied pressure
    ・Applicable cylinders: ø25 to ø125
    ・Available for exhaust throttle and B port pressure regulation
  • Power Amplifier for Electro-Pneumatic Proportional Valve VEA

    ・Dedicated amplifier for driving an electro-pneumatic proportional valve
    ・Low-current command signal
    ・High dither effect
    ・Stabilizes the performance of the electro-pneumatic proportional valve