Power Valves

  • 3-port-3-position-valve-vex3

    3-Port 3-Position Valve VEX3

    • ・The intermediate stopping of cylinders up to ø125 is possible.
      ・Power consumption: 1 W
      ・4 Manual override options:
       Non-locking push type
       Locking slotted type
       Push-turn locking slotted type
       Push-turn locking lever type
  • power-valve-vex

    Power Valve VEX

    • ・Extensive size variations, port sizes 1/8 to 2
      ・VEX1: Large capacity exhaust regulator
      ・VEX3: 3-port, 3-position valve
      ・VEX5: 3 functions (pressure regulator, directional control valve,
       and speed controller) are provided by a single valve.