Pin Shift Cylinder

  • for-high-precision-positioning-pin-shift-cylinder-ckqg-x2370

    For High Precision Positioning: Pin Shift Cylinder CKQG-X2370/CKQP-X2371

    ・High Precision: Rod end deflection of ±0.1 mm or less
    ・Position reproducibility
    ・Pins for positioning the workpiece provided by the customer can
     be directly mounted.
    ・Built-in coil scraper
    ・Reduces labor time by integrating the cylinder and guide
    ・Magnetic field resistant auto switches are mountable.
  • short-pin-cylinder-ckzp

    Shot Pin Cylinder CKZP

    ・High precision
     With rod extended: Deflection of ±0.1 mm or less
     Non-rotational accuracy: ±0.1 mm or less
    ・Positioning repeatability
     Positioning accuracy: ±0.05 mm, Distance accuracy: ±0.1 mm
    ・High output: Retract force: 1764 N, Extending force: 2362 N
    ・Mounting Based on NAAMS Standard (71 mm bore)
  • locating-pin-cylinder-mgpl50

    Locating Pin Cylinder MGPL50-X2616

    ・Ideal for pin positioning and locating workpieces
    ・Highly accurate mounting positions
     Highly accurate positioning is possible even after the cylinder is replaced.
    ・D-P3DWA magnetic field resistant auto switch is available.
    ・Coil scraper is equipped as standard.
  • offset-pin-shift-cylinder-cdq2b

    Offset Pin Shift Cylinder CDQ2B-X2839

    ・With high rigidity offset load capacity
    ・High rigidity, High precision
     With plate extended: Deflection of ±0.1 mm or less
    ・3 different port location directions can be selected.
    ・Can be mounted from 2 directions
    ・Coil scrapers equipped as standard
    ・Auto switches are mountable.
  • center-lock-unit-ma331

    Center Lock Unit MA331-X441

    ・The workpiece contact portion of the locating pin can
     switch from center lock (for locating) to free
     (for releasing workpieces).
    ・Even if the workpiece is distorted after welding, if
     the locating pin is set to free, the workpiece can be removed
     easily from the locating pin.
    ・Locating pin swing angle and rotation angle: 3° ±1°
  • centering-unit-macm

    Centering Unit MACM

    ・Alignment and positioning of transferred workpieces
     Contributes to space saving on conveyor lines
     Max. allowable load weight: 1000 kg (MACM10)
     Workpieces can be moved in any direction: forward/backward,
     right/left, at an angle, and even rotated (360º).
     Ball bearings allow for smooth operation.
     Table centering accuracy ±1 mm or less (Workpiece not loaded)
     Table center movable range Max. ø100 mm (MACM10-50)
  • other-pin-shift-cylinders

    Other Pin Shift Cylinders