Pilot Operated 3 Port Solenoid Valves

  • 3-port-solenoid-valve-syj300-500-700

    3-Port Solenoid Valve SYJ300/500/700

    • ・Power consumption: 0.1 W (With power saving circuit)
      ・Manifold type no.: SS5YJ3, SS5YJ5, SS5YJ7
  • 3-port-solenoid-valve-vqz100-200-300

    3-Port Solenoid Valve VQZ100/200/300

    • ・The external pilot specification can be used for vacuum applications.
      ・Can be mounted on an aluminum body manifold or a DIN rail
      ・Manifold type no.:
       VV3QZ12, VV3QZ15, VV3QZ22, VV3QZ25, VV3QZ32, VV3QZ35
  • 3-port-solenoid-valve-pilot-operated-poppet-type-vp300-500-700

    3-Port Solenoid Valve/Pilot Operated Poppet Type VP300/500/700

    • ・Built-in full-wave rectifier (AC)
      ・Longer life expectancy: 50 million cycles or more
      ・Built-in strainer in the pilot valve
      ・The external pilot type can be used for vacuum applications.
      ・Manifold type no.: VV3P3, VV3P5, VV3P7
  • 3-port-solenoid-valve-pilot-operated-poppet-type-vg342

    3-Port Solenoid Valve/Pilot Operated Poppet Type VG342

    • ・Low power consumption
      ・No lubrication required
      ・Can be used under vacuum or low pressure
      ・Easy conversion to N.C., N.O., or external pilot
      ・Can be used as either a selector or divider valve (External pilot type)
  • large-size-3-port-solenoid-valve-vp3145-3165-3185

    Large Size 3-Port Solenoid Valve VP3145/3165/3185

    • ・Large flow capacity, small exhaust resistance
      ・Easy conversion to N.C. or N.O.
  • 3-port-solenoid-valve-residual-pressure-release-valve

    ISO 13849-1 Certified

    • ・Safety standard ISO 13849-1 certified (Corresponding to category2 to 4)
      ・With detection of main valve position
      ・It is possible to construct a redundant system easily
      ・Highly reliable construction
      ・Safety limit switch can be selected
      ・With soft start-up function (-X555)