Mechanical Pressure Switches

  • Pressure Switch/Reed Switch Type IS10

    ・16% lighter, 11% smaller (Compared with the IS1000)
    ・Service life: 5 million cycles
    ・Can be connected to modular type F.R.L. units
  • Pressure Switch/Micro Switch Type IS3000

    ・Can be used for micro load, around 10 mA e.g.
    ・With neon light. Product Number Check
  • General Purpose Pressure Switch/Snap Switch Type ISG

    ・For general fluids
    ・Equivalent to IP44
    ・With neon light
  • Vacuum Switch/Reed Switch Type ZSM1

    ・Can be integrated with a ZM ejector system
  • Pressure Gauge with Switch GP46

    ・A pressure switch function has been added to the gauge.