Speed Controllers for Low Speed Control

  • Speed Controller with Compact Indicator AS-FSMA/FSCA

    ・Improvement of resolution has made it possible to make fine
     1 to 50 mm/s: AS-FSMA series
     50 to 150 mm/s: AS-FSCA series
    ・Flow rate can be controlled numerically with the indicator window.
     Due to the vernier indication, it is possible to configure fine settings in 1/4
     Reduces work-hours and setting mistakes
    ・Better visibility
     Check from 360° directions is possible.
     Inspection and maintenance works are facilitated.
  • Speed Controller with One-touch Fittings AS-FM/FC

    ・Finer adjustment and greater accuracy of actuator speed is available within specified control range.
     1 to 50 mm/s: AS-FM Series
     50 to 150 mm/s: AS-FC Series
  • Speed Controller for Low Speed Control AS

    ・Ideal for low-speed control (from 10 to 50 mm/sec)
    ・Number of needle rotations: 10 turns
    ・Available with a restrictor (Made to order: -X214, -X21)∗1
    ∗1 Excludes the dual speed controller