High Vacuum Valves

  • Aluminum High Vacuum Angle Valve XLA/C/F/G

    ・Aluminum bodied
     Uniform baking temperature
     Lightweight, Compact
     Minimal outgassing
     Minimal contamination from heavy metals
    ・Bellows are replaceable.
  • Aluminum High Vacuum Angle Valve XLA/C-100/160(-1)-X152

    ・Improved durability of bellows (Flange sizes 100 and 160)
    ・Service life of two million cycles
    ・Space required for equipment can be reduced
     Without restriction on exhaust direction (two ways: from valve element side to bellows side and vice versa)
     Increased flexibility of mounting orientation
    ・Lightweight, Compact
  • Aluminum High Vacuum Angle Valve XL□

    ・High fluorine resistance
    ・Minimal outgassing
    ・Minimal contamination from heavy metals

    ∗ The XLA(V)/C/F(V)/G with flange sizes of 16 to 80 has been
     discontinued in September 2017.
     Please select the XLA(V)-2/XLC-2/XLF(V)-2/XLG-2 series.
  • Aluminum One-touch Connection and Release High Vacuum Angle Valve XLAQ/XLDQ

    ・One-touch connection and release (No tools are required.)
  • Stainless Steel High Vacuum Angle/In-line Valve XM/XY

    ・The precision casting, unified composition prevents the accumulation of gas.
    ・The XM series is interchangeable with the XL series aluminum high vacuum angle valve.

    Note) Size 16 is not available for the in-line type.
  • Normal Close High Vacuum Solenoid Valve XSA

    ・Minimum operating pressure: 1 × 10-6 Pa (abs)
    ・Leakage: Internal 1.3 × 10-9 Pa·m3/s, External 1.3 × 10-11 Pa·m3/s
    ・2 types of fittings and female threads are available.
    ・Power consumption: Max. 25% reduction
    ・Weight: Max. 18% lighter (0.5 kg → 0.41 kg)
  • Smooth Vent Valve XVD

    ・The valve/needle valve-integrated construction requires only 1/4 the piping space of previous models.
    ・Particle numbers have been significantly reduced through the use of a metal diaphragm in the sheet portion.
    ・Flow of both the initial air supply and the main air supply can be adjusted.