Explosion-Proof Valves

  • explosion-proof-3-5-port-solenoid-valve-50-vfe-vpe-x170

    Explosion-proof 3/5-Port Solenoid Valve 50-VFE/VPE-X170

    • ・TS certification (Taiwan)
      ・Ex db Ⅱc T6...T5 Gb
      ・Ex tb Ⅲc T85℃...100℃ Db
      ・Exhausting equipment for the pilot valve is not required.
       (Common exhaust type for main and pilot valve [50-VFE3000-X170])
      ・It is possible to be used in a manifold. (50-VFE-X170)
      ・Can be used as a selector valve, divider valve, or for vacuum applications
      ・Manifold type no.: 50-VV5FE3, 50-VV5FE5
  • intrinsically-safe-explosion-proof-system-5-port-solenoid-valve-51-sy5000-7000-9000

    Intrinsically Safe Explosion-proof System 5-Port Solenoid Valve 51-SY5000/7000/9000

    • ・Exia II BT4 (TIIS approved product)
      ・3 types of connectors are available: L plug connector,
       L plug connector with a cover, With IP65 compliant cable.
      ・3 types of barriers are available.
      ・Manifold type no.: 51-SS5Y5, 51-SS5Y7

      As production of the type B (Zener diode type) barrier was discontinued in
      December 2017, the product will no longer be available once stocks are
      Please select the type A (Zener diode type) or type F (Insulating type)
      barrier for your new projects.