Exhaust Cleaners

  • Exhaust Cleaner AMC

    ・Noise reduction: 35 dB (A)
    ・Oil mist removal: 99.9% or more
  • Exhaust Cleaner for Vacuum Pump AMV

    ・Captures 99.5% of greasy fumes exhausted from the vacuum pump
    ・Realizes a comfortable working environment without greasy fumes
    ・Captures and cuts off 99.5% of even low-flow and highly concentrated greasy fumes
    ・Exhaust ducts from the vacuum pump are not necessary.
  • Exhaust Cleaner for Clean Room AMP

    ・An exhaust cleaner that can be used inside a clean room
  • Clean Exhaust Filter SFE

    ・This filter enables the direct exhaust of air in a clean room.
     (Cleanliness class 4: ISO14644-1)
     Air can be directly exhausted in a clean room by simply mounting this product to the pneumatic equipment in the clean room.
    ・Piping for exhaust air and relief air is not required.
     Reduces piping installation work and space
    ・Noise reduction: 30 dB (A) or more
    ・One-touch fitting type is available.