Environment Resistant Cylinders

  • stainless-steel-cylinder-cj5-s-cdj5-cg5s-cdg5s

    Stainless Steel Cylinder CJ5-S/CDJ5-S/CG5-S/CDG5-S

    • ・Applicable for use in an environment with water splashing
      ・With auto switch (CDJ5-S series: CDJ5-S, CDG5-S series: CDG5-S)
  • single-knuckle-joint-double-knuckle-joint-cj2-cm2-cg1-cq2

    Material: Stainless Steel, Foot Bracket,Flange Bracket, Single Knuckle Joint, Double Knuckle Joint CJ2, CM2, CG1, CQ2

    • ・External dimensions and mounting dimensions are interchangeable with
       the standard type.
      ・Post-mounting is possible.
      ・Bracket applicable cylinders: CJ2, CM2, CG1, CQ2
  • hygienic-design-cylinder-hy-hyd

    Hygienic Design Cylinder HY□/HYD□

    • ・Improved water resistant air cylinder with an easily washable
      ・5 times the lifespan of the improved water resistant
       cylinder (SMC comparison)
      ・With auto switch (HYDB series: HYDB, HYDQB
       series: HYDQB, HYDC series: HYDC, HYDG series: HYDG)
  • water-resistant-cylinder-pneumatic-hydraulic

    Water Resistant Cylinder (Pneumatic/Hydraulic)

    • ・Can be used in environments where contact with water or coolant occurs
      ・With water resistant 2-color indicator auto switch
      ・Suitable for factory machinery, food manufacturing machinery, car
       washers, etc.
  • cylinder-with-stable-lubrication-function

    Cylinder with Stable Lubrication Function (Lube-retainer)

    • ・Applicable to operation in micro-powder (20 to 100 μm) /general
      ・Durability is 4 times stronger than the standard model in micro-powder
      ・The overall length and mounting are the same as those of the standard model.
       (Except for some models)
      ・Grease film is formed on the piston rod surface to improve durability.
      ・Prevents the entry of dust and foreign matter
      ・The number of operating cycles can be improved even in general environments.
  • dust-resistant-cylinder-cm2-cg1-mb-cq2-mgp-xc4

    Dust Resistant Cylinder CM2/CG1/MB/CQ2/MGP-XC4□

    • ・CM2-XC4□ has been added. New
      ・Up to 6 times more durable in dusty environments
       Applicable powder particle size: 20 to 100 μm
       Suitable for environments with ceramic powder, toner powder, paper
       powder, and metallic powder
       ∗ Excludes weld spatter
      ・Can be selected according to the application
       A Lube-retainer (stable lubrication function) and a heavy-duty scraper
       can be mounted on the piston rod.
       For the MGP series compact guide cylinder, they can also be mounted
       on the guide rod (one or both sides).
      ・The rod cover assembly can be replaced according to the operating
       ∗ Only for bore sizes ø20, ø25, and ø32 of the CQ2 series
  • dust-resistant-cylinder-mxq-xc4a

    Dust Resistant Cylinder MXQ-XC4A

    • ・Compatible with environments where powder particles of 20 to 50 μm in
       diameter, such as ceramic powder, toner powder, paper powder, metal
       powder (excluding welding spatter), etc., are present
      ・4 times more durable than the standard model
       Lube-retainers are installed on the guide unit and rod cover.
       This prevents the entry of dust and foreign matter.
      ・Dimensions and workpiece mounting dimensions are interchangeable
       with the standard product.
  • dust-resistant-cylinder

    Dust Resistant Cylinder

    • ・Applicable for environments with flying micro-powder such as ceramic
       powder, toner powder, paper powder, and metallic powder (Excludes
       weld spatter)
      ・4 times stronger than the standard model
      ・2 Lube-retainers on the rod cover prevent micro-powder of 30 μm
       or smaller from entering.
      ・The Lube-retainers create a coat of grease on the piston
       rod for improved durability.
  • measures-against-dust-xc4-xc35

    Measures Against Dust: Made to Order -XC4, XC35

    ・Cylinders with a heavy duty scraper on the wiper ring are suitable for use
     in extremely dusty environments and those where they will be exposed to
     earth or sand, such as in die-casted equipment, construction machinery,
     and industrial vehicles
  • heat-resistant-cold-resistant-xb6-xb7-xb14-xc5

    Heat Resistant/Cold Resistant: Made to Order -XB6, XB7, XB14, XC5

    ・Air cylinder for use in low-temperature and high-temperature  environments