Dual Rod Cylinders

  • dual-rod-cylinder-jmgp

    Dual Rod Cylinder JMGP

    • ・Compact: Overall length shortened by 30.5 mm, Height shortened
       by 16 mm
      ・Weight: Max. 69% lighter (0.32 kg → 0.1 kg)
      ・3 mounting options:
       Top mounting, Bottom mounting, Rear mounting
      ・Piping is possible in 4 directions.
      ・The solid state auto switch D-M9□ is mountable.
      ・Suitable for pushing, lifting, or clamping in a transport line.
  • dual-rod-cylinder-cxsj

    Dual Rod Cylinder CXSJ

    • ・Features a more compact body compared to the CXS series
       dual rod cylinder
       Auto switches can be confirmed from 4 directions.
       Axial piping is also available. (Bore size: 6 and 10)
  • dual-rod-cylinder-cxs

    Dual Rod Cylinder CXS

    • ・Compact cylinder with a high-precision guide function for
       pick & place applications
  • slide-unit-cx2-cdbx2-cdpx2

    Slide Unit CX2/CDBX2/CDPX2

    • ・It is possible to install a shock absorber that absorbs impact
       and noise as desired.
       Ideal for workpiece transfers requiring positional accuracy
      ・With auto switch (CDBX2 series: CDBX2, CDPX2 series: CDPX2)
  • slide-unit-cxw-cdbxw-cdpxw

    Slide Unit CXW/CDBXW/CDPXW

    • ・Built-in shock absorber that absorbs impact
      ・Can be mounted on the housing or on the plate
       Highly precise parallelism of cylinders and workpieces
      ・With auto switch (CDBXW series: CDBXWM, CDBXWL, CDPXW
       series: CDPXWM, CDPXWL)