Compact 2/3 Port Solenoid Valves

  • Compact Direct Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve (2 Way Valve) VDW

    ・For air, medium vacuum, water
    ・Body material: Aluminum, Resin (PPS), Brass, Stainless steel
    ・With One-touch fittings (resin body)
  • Compact Direct Operated 3 Port Solenoid Valve (3 Way Valve) for Water and Air VDW

    ∗ The production of the VDW10/20 series was discontinued
     in December 2012. Please select the new VDW10/20 series.
    ∗ Excludes the VDW10/20 series manifold
    ∗ The production of the VDW30 series was discontinued
     in July 2015. Please select the VX21 series.
    ∗ The production of the 3-port solenoid valve VDW200/300 series  is continued.
  • Compact/Lightweight 2 Port Solenoid Valve (2 Way Valve) for Water and Air VDW-XF

    ・Compact, lightweight resin body (PPS)
    ・Power consumption: 3 W (Standard), 0.5 W (With power-saving circuit)
  • High Speed 2 Port Valve (2 Way Valve) SX10

    ・High-speed response ON: 0.45 ms, OFF: 0.4 ms (±0.05 ms)
    ・Long service life: 5 billion cycles or more
    ・High frequency: 1200 Hz
    ・Width: 9 mm
    ・Low power consumption: 4 W
  • Low Profile 2/3-Port Solenoid Valve SX90/090

     Overall length: Approx. 38 mm (2-port), 54 mm (3-port)
     Valve width/height: 10 mm
     Weight: 10 g (2-port), 20 g (3-port)
    ・Large flow rate
     C [dm3/(s·bar)]: 0.25 (2-port), 0.5 (3-port)
     Flow rate [L/min (ANR)]: 45 (2-port), 90 (3-port) (At 0.2 MPa)
  • Pilot Operated 2 Port Solenoid Valve (2 Way Valve) for Dry Air VQ

    ・High-frequency operation is possible: High-speed response 7 ms or less (VQ20), 20 ms or less (VQ30)
    ・Easy piping with One-touch fittings
    ・The dust-tight, water-jet-proof enclosure (IP65) is compatible with the DIN terminal type.
    ・Applications: Air-blow, Blow-off of workpieces, etc.
    ・Manifold type no.: VV2Q22, VV2Q32 Product Number Check
  • Impact Blow Valve IBV1□-X5/X7(-Q)

    ・Increased impact force due to higher peak pressure
     Drastic reduction in air consumption and labor time
     High peak pressure: 3 times or more (Compared with the existing model)
     Air consumption: 93% reduction
    ・Compact design allows for installation in narrow spaces.
  • Pulse Blow Valve AXTS040□-□□-X2

    ・The peak pressure of repeatedly colliding air permits efficient blowing.
    ・Air consumption: Reduced by 50% or more
    ・Control for pulse generation is not required.
     Pulse blow can be used by simply supplying air.
  • Compact Direct Operated 2/3-Port Solenoid Valve for Chemical Liquids LVM

    ・Low particle generation, Oil-free, Metal-free * Fluid contact parts
    ・Isolated structure
     The solenoid drive body is separated from the fluid area by a diaphragm.
    ・Power consumption: 1.0 W or less (With power saving circuit)
    ・Change in volume (Pumping volume): 0.01 µL or less
  • Direct Operated 2/3 Port Isolated Valve LVMK20/200

    ・Low particle generation, Oil-free, Metal-free
    ・Fluids: Air, Water, Deionized water, Diluent, Cleaning fluid
    ・Isolated structure: The solenoid drive body is separated from the fluid area by a block seal.
    ・Easy piping
    ・Minimal dead space
    ・Flow adjustment is not required.
  • Pinch Valve LPV

    ・Highly resistant to contamination and reduces valve failures
    ・Applicable tubing:
     Silicone, PharMed®BPT, Tygon®
    ・Power consumption: 2.0 W
    ・Compact: Valve width 20 mm
    ・Easy tubing replacement
  • Diaphragm Valve for Ultra High Purity AZ

    ・Cleaned for high purity semiconductor applications and clean room assembled
    ・Helium leak tested
    ・SEMI Standards compliant
    ・User-friendly forged body
  • Normal Close High Vacuum Solenoid Valve XSA

    ・Minimum operating pressure: 1 × 10-6 Pa (abs)
    ・Leakage: Internal 1.3 × 10-9 Pa·m3/s, External 1.3 × 10-11 Pa·m3/s
    ・2 types of fittings and female threads are available.
    ・Power consumption: Max. 25% reduction
    ・Weight: Max. 18% lighter (0.5 kg → 0.41 kg)