Fittings for Special Environments(Clean/Fluoropolymer)

  • Clean One-touch Fittings for Blowing KP

    ・One-touch fittings for clean room blowing systems
    ・Completely oil-free (Fluoro-coated rubber portions)
    ・Wetted parts are non-metallic.
    ・Parts washed and assembled in a clean room, Packed in double packaging.
    ・Can be used in a vacuum (−100 kPa)
  • Clean One-touch Fittings for Driving Air Piping KPQ/KPG

    ・One-touch fittings suitable for driveline air systems in clean room environments ・Resin parts: Polypropylene ・All metal portions: Brass (Electroless nickel-plated) KPQ  Stainless steel (Stainless steel 304) KPG
  • Fluoropolymer Fittings Hyper Fittings LQ1

    ・Material: New PFA ・Quadruple-seal construction ・The reducer method allows for tubing size changes without replacing the body
  • Fluoropolymer Fittings Hyper Fittings LQ3

    ・Material: New PFA
    ・Triple-seal construction
    ・Easy installation
  • Fluoropolymer Bore Through Connector LQHB

    ・It is possible to freely choose the tube’s positioning.
     As the tube runs through the fitting itself, a setting is available for any optional position.
    ・Can be used in the pressure feeding of chemical liquids, etc., during the
     production process of semiconductors
    ・Applicable to chemical liquids such as acid, alkali, and deionized water
    ・Materials: New PFA (Body, nut), PTFE (Collet)