Booster Regulators

  • Low Air Consumption Booster Regulator VBA

    ・Air consumption: Max. 40% reduction (Based on SMC’s measuring conditions)
     Operates by recycling air through the exhaust return circuit
    ・Operation noise: 65 dB (A)
     15 dB (A) reduction compared with the existing model (VBA series)
     (Based on SMC’s measuring conditions)
    ・Charging time: Max. 50% shorter
    ・Operating cycles: 50 million cycles or more
     Maintenance frequency is reduced due to improved life.
     (Based on SMC’s test conditions)
    ・Compatible with vertical and horizontal installation
    ・Mounting compatibility with the existing model (VBA series)
  • Booster Regulator VBA10A/11A

    ・Increase factory air pressure by 4 times!
    ・Air-only operation requires no power supply, and allows easy installation.
    ・Air consumption: Max. 25% reduction (Pressure increase ratio: Twice),
     Max. 30% reduction (Pressure increase ratio: 4 times)
    ・Max. flow rate: 10% increase (Pressure increase ratio: Twice),
     30% increase (Pressure increase ratio: 4 times)
    ・Charging time: Max. 30% shorter (Pressure increase ratio: Twice),
     Max. 60% shorter (Pressure increase ratio: 4 times)
    ・Improved service life: 50 million cycles or more
     (Pressure increase ratio: Twice, 4 times)
     Maintenance frequency is reduced due to improved life.
  • Booster Regulator VBA

    ・Can increase factory air by a maximum of 200%, Power supply not required
     It is possible to get a maximum of double the existing pressure by connecting the air to a factory line.
     (VBA11A: maximum 4 times)
     Space-saving type that directly connects air tanks and booster regulators
  • Air Tank VBAT

    ・Compact air tank that can be directly connected to a regulator
    ・Can be used as an independent tank
    ・With a safety valve port (Option)
    ・Overseas standards compliant products:
     CE certified product (-Q)
     ASME Standards compliant product (-X105)
     Product not applicable to ASME Standards (-X11)
     Chinese pressure vessel regulations compliant product (-X104)
     Industrial Safety and Health Act KCs Certification compliant product (-X101)