Auto Switches

  • auto-switch-d

    Auto Switch D

  • solid-state-auto-switch-short-d-m9□-5

    Solid State Auto Switch/Short Type D-M9□-5

    ・Overall length reduced by 32%(22 mm→15 mm)
    ・Protrusion from the actuator end surface has been reduced.
    ・Specifications are the same as those of the standard
     product (D-M9□).
  • direct-mounting-dm7ba□

    Water Resistant 2-Color Indicator Solid State Auto Switch / Direct Mounting Type D-M7BA□

    ・Improved water (coolant) resistance
    ・Features a liquid pool-free electrical entry construction
     (The electrical entry is located on the top of the switch body.)
    ・Blocks the entry of liquid from the indicator light
  • arc-welding-spatter-resistant-lead-wire-d-p3d2wa□-1173□

    Arc Welding Spatter-resistant Lead Wire Type Magnetic Field-resistant Solid State Auto Switch D-P3DWA□-1173□

    ・Improved lead wire spatter resistance
     Special fluorine compounds are used for the sheath, insulation,
     and insulator.
     A shield is provided between the sheath and the insulation to
     prevent spatter from entering the insulation.
    ・A type with a spatter cover is available.
     The metal cover (Material: Stainless steel) covers the body to
     prevent spatter adhesion.
  • trimmer-auto-switch-d

    Trimmer Auto Switch D

    ・Easily distinguish workpieces with a single auto switch
    ・Minimum detectable adjustment width: 0.5 mm
    ・Applicable to the short stroke cylinder
     The detection of the extended and retracted end positions can be made
     by a single auto switch.
     This switch can be used when two auto switches cannot be mounted
     due to a short stroke.