Angular Type Air Grippers

  • angular-type-air-gripper-compact-type-mhc2

    Angular Type Air Gripper/Compact Type MHC2

    ・MHC2-6: Auto switch mountable
    ・MHCA2-6: Short body
    ・MHCM2-7: Compact, lightweight
  • angular-type-air-gripper-standard-type-mhc2

    Angular Type Air Gripper/Standard Type MHC2

    ・A large holding moment is achieved through a double piston
    ・Integral variable throttle
  • toggle-type-air-gripper-mht2

    Toggle Type Air Gripper MHT2

    ・The new cylinder body allows small auto switches to be
     mounted on 4 surfaces.
    ・A strong and stable gripping force can be obtained
     through the toggle mechanism.
    ・Holds workpiece even when the air is shut down (Safety measure)
  • angular-180-air-gripper-cam-type-mhy2

    180º Angular Type Air Gripper/Cam Type MHY2

    ・Lightweight and compact through the use of a cam mechanism
  • angular-type-air-gripper-rack-pinion-type-mhw2

    180º Angular Type Air Gripper/Rack & Pinion Type MHW2

    ・Features a unique seal construction with a shortened overall
     length and dust proofing countermeasures that allow it to be used
     for removing workpieces from machine tools or for holding workpieces
  • rotary-gripper-mrhq

    Rotary Gripper MRHQ

    ・The gripper function and the rotation function have been
     integrated in a compact package.
    ・It is possible to grip and reverse workpieces in conveyor
     lines with a single unit.
    ・Rotation range and angle are adjustable.
  • ahc-system-auto-hand-changing-system-ma

    AHC System/Auto Hand Changing System MA

    ・The robot hand tools change automatically to accommodate
     workpieces of different shapes, thus making it possible to adopt
     an FMS (flexible manufacturing system) in the assembly line.