Air Suction Filters

  • air-suction-filter-zfa

    Air Suction Filter ZFA

    ・Prevents problems related to vacuum circuits or airborne contaminants
    ・Provides a large filter element surface
  • air-suction-filter-with-one-touch-fittings-zfb

    ・Prevents problems related to vacuum circuits or airborne contaminants
    ・Vacuum tubes can be connected and removed by a one-touch operation.
  • in-line-air-filter-zfc

    In-line Air Filter ZFC

    ・Operating pressure range: −100 kPa to 1.0 MPa
     Both positive pressure and vacuum pressure can be used with one unit.
    ・With lock mechanism
     During positive pressure, it prevents components from being scattered when they
     are loosened.
    ・2 types of transparent case materials are available:
     Polycarbonate (Standard), Nylon (Made to order)

    Note 1) Supply pressure: 0.7 MPa, Differential pressure: 30 kPa
    Note 2) Made to order
  • vacuum-filter-afj

    Vacuum Filter AFJ

    ・Prevents problems with vacuum equipment!
    ・Nominal filtration rating: 5, 40, 80 μm
    ・Large flow capacity: Max. 660 L/min (ANR)
    ・Elements can be reused by washing them.
    ・Water droplets can be removed.
    ・The bowl is covered with a transparent bowl guard.
  • suction-filter-zfc050

    Suction Filter ZFC050

    ・Small suction filter which can be installed directly