Air Preparation Filters

  • Line Filter AFF Mist Separator AM Micro Mist Separator AMD Activated Carbon Filter AMK

    ・Modular connection type
    ・Compressed air purity class: ISO 8573
    ・Face-to-face and depth dimensions reduced by 30%
    ・Weight reduced by 50%
     AFF/AM□20: 0.19 kg (Existing model: 0.38 kg)
    ・Flow capacity increased by 50%
    ・No tools are required.
     Easy replacement of the element
    ・Transparent bowl guard (2-layer construction)
    ・Color-identifiable elements
    ・With element service indicator
  • Main Line Filter AFF Mist Separator AM Micro Mist Separator AMD

    ・Compressed air purity class: ISO 8573
    ・Increased air flow capacity due to lower pressure drop which contributes to energy saving
     Flow capacity: 14.5 m3/min (ANR) (Increased by up to 20% compared with the existing model)
     Pressure drop: 5 kPa or less
    ・Lightweight: Max. 52% lighter (10.5 kg → 5.0 kg)
     Lighter body weight due to thinner stainless steel bowl
    ・Space-saving design, Reduced piping labor!
     The AFF series main line filter removes both water droplets and solid particles.
     A separate filter for removing water droplets (water separator, AMG series) is not necessary any more.
     Space and piping work are reduced.
    ・Easier replacement of the element
     The stopper function prevents the bowl from falling.
  • water-separator-amg

    Water Separator AMG

    ・Compressed air without water can be obtained.
    ・Water drop removal ratio: 99%
    ・Easily connects to the air line to remove moisture!
  • Main Line Filter AFF

    ・Can remove impurities, such as oil, water, and foreign matter, in compressed air,
     improve the function of a downstream dryer, extend the life of precision filters,
     and prevent problems with the equipment
  • mist-separator-am

    Mist Separator AM

    ・Can separate and remove oil mist and remove solid particles,
     such as rust or carbon, of 0.3 μm or larger
  • micro-mist-separator-amd

    Micro Mist Separator AMD

    ・Can separate and remove aerosol state oil mist and remove carbon or
     dust of 0.01 μm or larger
    ・Should be used as a pre-filter for compressed air for precision instruments  or clean rooms requiring high levels of clean air
  • micro-mist-separator-with-pre-filter-amh

    Micro Mist Separator with Pre-filter AMH

    ・The integration of the AM series and AMD series achieves a reduction in
     installation space and reduced piping
    installation labor and costs.
    ・Can separate and remove aerosol state oil mist and remove carbon or
     dust of 0.01 μm or larger
    ・Should be used as a pre-filter for
    compressed air for precision instruments
     or clean rooms requiring high levels of clean air
  • super-mist-separator-ame

    Super Mist Separator AME

    ・Can separate and absorb aerosol state fine oil particles and
     change oil-lubricated compressed air to the equivalent of oilless air
    ・Should be applied for the filtration of compressed air that requires high-degree
     cleanliness, such as the compressed air used for coating lines, clean rooms,
     and equipment that must remain oil free
  • odor-removal-filter-amf

    Odor Removal Filter AMF

    ・Efficiently removes odors in compressed air with an activated carbon element
     This unit is designed for removing odors from places, such as clean rooms,
     which must remain odorless
    ・Activated carbon element with large filtration area
    ・Easy element replacement and installation
  • in-line-air-filter-zfc

    In-line Air Filter ZFC

    ・Operating pressure range: −100 kPa to 1.0 MPa
     Both positive pressure and vacuum pressure can be used with one unit.
    ・With lock mechanism
     During positive pressure, it prevents components from being scattered when they are loosened.
    ・2 types of transparent case materials are available:
     Polycarbonate (Standard), Nylon (Made to order)

    Note 1) Supply pressure: 0.7 MPa, Differential pressure: 30 kPa
    Note 2) Made to order
  • clean-gas-filter-sf

    Clean Gas Filter SF

    ・Cartridge type allows for element replacement
      (SFA100/200/300, SFB100)
    ・Compact, disposable type for the semiconductor industry
     (SFB300, SFC100)
  • clean-air-filter-hollow-fiber-element-sfd

    Clean Air Filter/Hollow Fiber Element SFD

    ・Built-in hollow fiber element
    ・Pressure drop: 0.03 MPa (Inlet pressure 0.7 MPa, Max. flow rate)
    ・Compliant with the RoHS Directives regulations regarding the reduction of environmentally detrimental chemicals
  • modular-connection-antibacterial-filter-odor-removal-filter-hf2-bf□

    Modular Connection Type Antibacterial Filter/ Odor Removal Filter/ Bacteria Removal Filter HF2-BF□

    ・US FDA/Japan Food Sanitation Act compliant materials
    ・NSF-H1 grade grease
    ・Antibacterial coating
    ・Designed for hygiene management in accordance with HACCP and other standards
    ・Contributes to the FSSC22000 certification acquisition
    ・Antibacterial filter: Antibacterial activation value: 4 or higher
    ・Bacteria removal filter: Bacteria capture performance: LRV ≥ 9
    ・Odor removal filter: Oil concentration on the outlet side: 0.003 mg/m3 or less
  • bacteria-removal-filter-hollow-fiber-element-sfda

    Bacteria Removal Filter/Hollow Fiber Element SFDA

    ・Bacteria capture performance: LRV ≥ 9
     Use of FDA/Food Sanitation Law compliant materials∗
     ∗ Parts in contact with fluid: Resin/Rubber
     Designed for use in applications to HACCP principles and FSSC22000 standards
    ・Nominal filtration rating: 0.01 μm (Filtering efficiency 99.99%)
    ・Initial pressure drop: 0.03 MPa (Inlet pressure 0.7 MPa, at max. flow rate)
    ・Flow rate: 500 L/min (ANR)
  • clean-air-module-llb

    Clean Air Module LLB

    ・Modularized clean equipment (Reduced piping labor/Space saving)
     Makes clean air easily available
    ・Nominal filtration rating: 0.01 μm (Filtration efficiency: 99.99%)
    ・Wetted parts: Grease-free, Silicone-free
    ・Assembled in a clean room, Shipped and packed in double packaging
    ・24 combinations are available.

     Note) Inlet air conditions ISO 8573-1 Quality grade: Equivalent to 1.4.1 to 1.6.1
  • air-blow-module-llb1

    Air-blow Module LLB1

    ・Reduced piping labor/Space saving
    ・Compact integration of devices
    ・Short-pitch mounting is possible.
     Compact centralized pressure control
    ・Parts in contact with fluid: Grease-free
  • motor-operated-auto-drain-adm

    Motor Operated Auto Drain ADM

    ・Reliably discharges even highly viscous drainage