• P Cylinder (Cylinder with Positioner) CPA2/CPS1

    ・Cylinder positioning in proportion to the input signal (air pressure) is possible.
    ・Correction operation function: Returns to the initial setting position even when the position deviates due to load variations
  • Air Servo Cylinder IN-777

    Produced upon receipt of order

    ・Capable of air cylinder multipoint positioning and control
    ・Fast response and high positioning repeatability
     Positioning repeatability: ±0.5 mm
    ・Easier maintenance due to unitization
    ・Built-in self-diagnosis function (LED lamp and signal output)
    ・Emergency stop of the piston when the air or power supply is cut
  • Air Shocker XT316

    Produced upon receipt of order

    ・The air shocker is a pneumatic piston type shock generator.
     Removes plugging due to bridging or adhesion of bulk material inside a hopper or chute.
    ・Variable impact force
    ・Strong, stable impact force
    ・No lubrication required
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