5.0 MPa 2/3 Port Solenoid Valves

  • 5.0 MPa Pilot Operated 2/3-Port Solenoid Valve & Check Valve VCH/VCHC

    ・Service life: 10 million cycles
    ・Uses a polyurethane elastomer poppet for valve parts
    ・Improves durability at high pressures
  • Direct Operated Regulator for 6.0 MPa (Relieving Type) VCHR

    ・Service life: 10 million cycles
     Improved durability in high-pressure environments through the use of a polyurethane elastomer poppet
    ・Uses NSF-H1 approved grease on guide rings (Sliding parts)
    ・Improved durability through the use of a metal seal type relief valve
    ・Uses a special fluororesin seal for sliding parts
     Stable unattached response, Not easily affected by pressure
  • 5.0 MPa Silencer VCHN

    ・Reduces clogging with its double-layer structure
    ・Noise reduction: 35 dB (A)