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PT Sinar Mutiara Cemerlang Pneumatics Indonesia

smc pneumatic indonesiaPT Sinar Mutiara Cemerlang  Pneumatics Indonesia has been established in September 2012. It is imperative for us to have a presence in Indonesia’s fast growing markets so as to lend quality support to our customers in Indonesia. We will actively serve the Indonesia market by leveraging on our strong partnership with our distributor, PT Sinar Mutiara Cemerlang.

Communication Network and Logistics

Stock across Indonesia are established throughout our extensive dealer network in major cities such as Medan, Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung, Balikpapan and Pekan Baru. In addition, we have capability to ensure quick delivery to customer with support from the Regional Logistic Center in Singapore.

PT Sinar Mutiara Cemerlang  Pneumatics Indonesia
EJIP Industrial Park Plot 6J-1
Cikarang Selatan – Bekasi 17550
Tel: +6221897-1123
Fax: +6221897-0517

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