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Air Preparation Equipment


Product clean air through dehumidification and filtration, remove water, oil and foreign meters in air prbuy research papers write papers onlineessure lines and deodorize them.

With SMC large range of pneumatic combination products that includes after-coolers, dryers, air filters, filter regulator, lubricators and pressure boosters, SMC Indonesia can provide all of your air purification and preparation needs

Air Preparation Equipment consists of sbuy research papers write papers onlineubcategories:

Air Preparation Filters

air filtersFilters remove solid impurities such as rust, dirt particles and water droplets from compressed air. SMC manufacture a range of filters, from M5 to 2” port size, making our range suitable for applications in the smallest test instruments to the largest industrial plant.




Air Dryers

air dryerCompressed air contains moisture (water vapor, droplets), oil, debris and other foreign matter. Filters and mist separators can be used to remove droplets, oil, debris and so on, but a dryer is necessary to remove water vapor.

SMC air dryers are insurance for down stream components, and in the long run, allow for sustainable performance/production for an end customer.


aftercoolerCompressed air can sometimes reach a high temperature and when it cools, large volumes of water can be deposited in the airline system. These deposits can be problematic but they can be easily reduced by installing an aftercooler immediately after the compressor. SMC manufactures both water cooled and air cooled units.

Clean Gas Filters

clean gas filterPrecision filtration for general gases used in the electronic industry, semicondutor process. Compressed air, Nitrogen, etc. Elements of these filtration product are replaceable. All products are tested at the time of shipment such Purification, Helium, Airtight, pressure holding test.

This filter can be used under different environments with chemical resistant and heat resistant materials.

Clean Air Filters

clean air filterRestriction of Hazardous Substances. Under a clean environment, all components have undergone ultrasonic cleaning. Assembly, inspection and antistatic double packaging processes are conducted in an integrated production system. The clean air filter is designed for the filtration of solid objects. It is not suitable for the separation of water and oil.