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Air Combination – Filter Regulator

Air Filter, Filter Regulator Units, buy research paper essay writer online and Lubricator pneumatic with Energy Efficient Designs

Air Combination modularize the removal of water and foreign matters, depressurize and lubricate.
SMC Indonesia air combination and airline component provides unsurpassed regulation and filtration performance for your pneumatic system. With SMC large range of pneumatic combination products that includes air filters, filter regulator, lubricators and pressure boosters, SMC Indonesia can provide all of your air fibuy research paper essay writer onlinelter and combination needs. SMC’s innovative using one-touch and uni-thread one touch to fit technology provides dramatic time savings during the installation of both air fittings and pneumatic flow controls. SMC Products offer many variations and sizes to suit any application, levels ranging from 5 microns down to 0.3 and 0.01 microns we can provide high levels of purification.

Our company offers pressure regulation encompassing high pressure to high precision with further options available from compact manifold regulators to miniature regulators.
The assembly of modular combinations of filters, regulators, lubricators, soft start and shut-off pneumatic valves are also supplied to meet the customers requirements.

Air Combination such Air Filter, Filter Regulator products are:

Air Filters

air filtersAir Filters use to remove solid impurities such as dirt particles, rusty and water droplets from compressed air. SMC Indonesia’s manufacture have a large product range of filters, from M5 to 2” port size that makes our range suitable for applications in the smallest test instruments to the largest industrial plant.
SMC also has standardized on 5 micron filter elements for most general industrial pneumatic applications. However, should a finer level of filtration be required, then filtration levels as low as 0.01 microns can be achieved. Additionally, when odour-free air is demanded, odour SMC removing filter can be used for applications.


pneumatic lubricatorsLubricators use for lubication of pneumatic components. Where lubrication is required, adding a small quantity of oil to compressed air reduces greatly wear and tear of pneumatic components. SMC’s range of lubricators includes modular components, with range from M5 to 1”, and large flow lubricators from 1 1/4” to 2” and centralised lubrication systems.



filter regulatorRegulators use to improve efficiency by reducing component wear and by lowering energy costs. SMC standard range of regulators also offer compact filter regulator with our ARJ series, high pressure solutions with the ARX (20 bar) and VCHR (50 bar) series.
SMC Indonesia also provide compact manifolds designs of ARM series. These allow for a number of regulators to be fitted into tight spaces.
For precise applications, the IR and ARP series SMC product can be offered. These both allow for highly sensitive regulation, while the ITV electro pneumatic regulator allows for precise control of output pressure and is easily adjusted to meet all needs.

Regulator units including:

  • Air Regulators
  • Manifold Regulators
  • Precision Regulators
  • Electro-pneumatoc Regulators
  • Combined Filter Regulator